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Powered Submucous Resection of the Inferior Turbinate
Rumen Benchev 1
1Head of ENT Clinic at the Medical Institute of the Ministry of Interior Sofia, Bulgaria
Pages : 70-75


Objectives: The objectivesof the present our experience with endoscopic powered modification of the submucous resection in inferior turbinate hypertrophy and to underline the morphological and functional results of the treatment.

Patients and Methods: Sixty-five patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy were treated by bilateral turbinoplasty with microdebriders for a period of 2 years. All patients underwent nasal endoscopy, Cottle's test, visual analogue (VAS) scale assessment and objective functional evaluation of nasal patency by acoustic rhinometry and rhinomanometry before and after decongestion before the operation. The patients were followed up to 1 year postoperatively.

Results: VAS showed marked improvement in nasal breathing – increased by 2.12 points (60%). Total Minimal Crossectional Area (TMCA) –increased by 0.42 cm2 (36%) and the Total Nasal Volume (TNV) increased by 3.82 cm3 (32%). The Total Nasal Resistance (TNR) – decreased by 0.34 Pa/cm3/sec (47%). All postoperative data for the functional assessment of the nasal breathing were collected without decongestion.

Conclusion: Powered submucous turbinoplasty with microdebriders allows precisely controlled resection of submucosa and bone with mucosal preservation, making this technique, the method of choice enabling optimal volume reduction with preservation of function of the inferior turbinate.

Keywords : Nasal cavity/physiopathology; turbinates/pathology/ surgery
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